Time Flies


I can believe Derelict by LJ Cohen was 26 books ago!

This fantastic space adventure story--the first of a trilogy--was the very first audio book I narrated after discovering ACX.com.

I used my old PowerMac and my old software that I used in my television production company up in Alaska along with my Mackie mixer board and my original ElectroVoice RE20 microphone. 

It all worked just fine--except that old computer had what is now a "derelict" hard drive and two fans which made too much noise for me to record in the same room!  Re-recording mistakes was a bitch!  And there were a lot of mistakes.  Thank God Ms. Cohen was so great to work with.

Now it's all so simple with a dead quiet laptop.  I finally had to replace my old RE20 just a month ago with----wait for it----a brand new RE20!  For my money (and it IS my money) it's still the best microphone on the market.  If it's good enough to be Rush Limbaugh's "Golden EIB Microphone", its' good enough for me. 

(Point of clarification: I DO NOT listen to Rush Limbaugh,  Rachel Maddow is more my style these days).

Anyway, even though it has been almost three years and 26 books ago, Derelict is still one of my favorites and one of my best sellers!  Check out Ithaka Rising (the sequel) too.