The Advantages of Being a Semi-retired Voice Talent


What does a Southern White Rhinoceros have to do with narrating audio books?

For me,

I try to spend anywhere from two to five hours a day working on whatever book or books I am currently producing.  But some days, life gets in the way.  Which is OK, if, a) you are retired and b) your daughter and two grand kids are visiting and want to go to the zoo with my other daughter and two other grand kids.

So we did.

Not only was it a great day at the Phoenix Zoo where I got some great pictures of Mr. Rhino, but it also gave my voice a well-needed rest.  In the voice over business, all work and no play can lead a strained voice. 

I'll be rearing to go tomorrow.

PS: Hearing on the news that the last wild Northern White Rhino died last week, spending some quality time with one of his Southern cousins was rather poignant.