My Father's Birthday


This blog is supposed to be about my voice over work--commercials and audio books.  But it is my blog so if I want to deviate a bit, that's my  prerogative, right?

The picture is of me and my youngest grandson, Parker George Burrows.  His first name is the same as my father's middle name, John Parker Burrows.  Today is my father's birthday.  He was born on this day 108 years ago.  No, he is no longer with us--he passed away in 1982.  But I can't not think about him every April 10th.

He lived long enough to see the beginning of my career in broadcasting, both on radio and TV.  I started anchoring the evening news on the local CBS affiliate in 1978--the same year I got married.  By that time, a stroke had limited his ability to speak clearly.  But he still had a deep, resonant voice which I had inherited--a trait that made my announcing career possible. Nowadays, you hear all kinds of voices on the radio--it's more about personality.  But back in the early '70s, it was still an advantage to have a classic, deep announcer's voice.

As a voice talent doing audio books and auditioning for commercials in the Phoenix market, sounding like a classic announcer is more of a disadvantage.  I have to work really hard to sound more like a normal person. 

What has helped me more in narrating fiction has been my acting experience on stage.  And sadly, that's something my father didn't get to see much of.  I think he came to see one play.  But her never got to see what I consider to have been the highlights of my stage career--like the two times that I played the iconic role of Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man.  The first time was in 1984--two years after my daddy died.

So, today, I think about him.  I think about how I need to work hard to stay healthy and live as long as I can---so I can still be around to witness the life accomplishments of Parker and of all of my  grandchildren.