New Books in the Works and More!

It's time to start blogging!  Actually, way past time.

I have been narrating audio books for two years and have completed twenty six books!  And, at the moment, I'm busy working on THREE new books simultaneously:

The Sacred Vault: Book 2 in the Atlantis series by Rick Jones

     This is my SIXTH book that I have done for Rick Jones.  He must like me.

Brandywine's War by Robert Vaughn

     What Catch-22 was for WWII and MASH was for the Korean War, Brandywine's War does for     the Vietnam War .

This Giant Leap by Edmund R. Schubert.

    This is a fascinating collection of short stories spanning the genres of horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

Please take the time to check out the twenty six other books in my collection of completed works.  There is a five minute sample of each one that you can listen to for FREE!  Right now, my best seller is Introduction to Conducting Private Investigations by Phillip A. Becnel IV.  If it sounds like a textbook, it is--the official required reading (or listening) to get a Private Eye license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  But it is written in a style that makes it quite enjoyable for anyone.  It includes a number of "case studies" that each read like an episode of CSI or Bull or Perry Mason.  I highly recommend it. 

Happy Easter everyone--more tomorrow.