Born in Illinois, Bill moved with his family to Alaska when he was ten where he lived for 43 years. His broadcast career began right out of high school as an all night DJ at one of the two radio stations in Fairbanks, Alaska. Within in two years he was doing the morning drive time show on the number one station in Anchorage. He became co-anchor of The Fairbanks Evening News in 1978 – the same year Bill his wife and future business partner, Susan. Together they founded Burrows Advertising – a full-service ad agency and television production company in 1984. Bill was active in local politics, serving on the Fairbanks Board of Education for twelve years. He also enjoyed performing in community theatre doing mostly musicals. Bill and Susan now live in Arizona where Bill earned a degree from the Golf Academy of Arizona. They have three grown children and four grandchildren with another one on the way.