Decades of experience. Passion for storytelling.

Mr. Burrows brings a level of professionalism to narration and voice over that is truly unparalleled. 




Since he was a teenager, Bill Burrows has been earning a living with his remarkable voice. First as a radio disc jockey and later as the owner of Burrows Advertising in Alaska, Bill’s rich baritone quickly became one of the most requested voices in the state. Transcending his radio roots, Bill has proven to be a true virtuoso of voice acting through writing, producing and performing in literally thousands of radio and television commercials. His long and colorful career as a producer/performer has given Bill the chance to display many facets of his ever-growing repertoire, from authoritative hard-sell to intimate storytelling to comedic characters and even imitations. Bill has also narrated many long-form projects including 52 half-hour episodes of Alaska Magazine Television – aired nationally on public television. Recently, Bill has turned his time and talent toward narrating audiobooks, available for your listening pleasure on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.



It is often said that 90% of human communication is nonverbal. So how does one effectively communicate using only your voice? This has fascinated and motivated Bill since he first spoke into a microphone, 45 years ago. For nearly half a century, Bill’s voice has been his livelihood - but his passion for communicating is what makes him a great voice artist. Bill has a great voice - but his voice is merely a tool. His experience allows him to focus on the material itself and use his finely honed tool to build elaborate worlds in the minds of his listeners.



To be a professional simply means that what you do is worth something to someone else. For Bill, being professional means approaching every project with the intent to add maximum value to the final product as well as the process it takes to get there. Perhaps ironically, Bill feels strongly that adding his voice to something starts with listening – listening to the client and engaging in a collaborative, professional, and joyous relationship to ensure the best possible final product. Over the last four decades, Bill’s countless clients have often commented on and appreciated his brand of professionalism.